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We're being told that water is a precious resource that shouldn't be wasted.  I think I'm doing my part.  But I see waste in my own neighborhood.

In Miami Lakes, we seem to water asphalt.   Does someone think that keeping pavement well watered will keep it healthy?


Miami Lakes Drive, just west of SR 826.  Sprinklers on during the day, during a thunderstorm, during water restrictions.  Brand new landscaping and sprinkler system.  Why no rain detectors?  Why is the system even active during rainy season with water restrictions in effect?


Problem 2:

Also in Miami Lakes, SW 87 Ave, South of 154 St.  Same deal.   Sprinklers on most evenings.  So much overflow that the street is totally covered with water.   How does this help?  


My recommendations: 

Set timers to pulse:  Need 30 minutes of watering time?   Run for six 5 minute periods spread out over a whole night.   Less chance of overflow and waste.  The sprinklers are shooting more water than the ground can absorb.

Use timers that know the day of the week.  Water one day a week, just like the water restrictions require.

Install rain sensors.  Watering wet ground makes no sense.  If there was rain, don't water.  Rain detectors should be required by law.

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