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Why do people plant tall trees under power lines?  It would seem logical that the growth of most trees is vertical. If you put a 12 foot palm tree under a 30' power line, at some point in the future, the two will meet.  Nature works like that.

In some cases, the trees are accidental.   Bird eats seeds, bird sits on power lines, bird... well you get the idea.   Landscapers call this 'volunteer growth'.  Basically an accident.

But the problem I'm talking about is the cases where our fellow man plants a tree in the worst possible place.

Why do the people that landscape our highways seem to not know this?  I would think the governments would hire only the most qualified contractors to do landscaping.  

Problem 1:

SR 874, south of the Palmetto.   New palm trees planted right below transmission lines.

Problem 2:

Miami Lakes Drive around the Palmetto NB exit ramp.  Wide and tall palms below the power lines.

I know I've seen many other cases.  I'll try to get some pictures to prove the point. 

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