Traffic Signal Power
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It appears Miami Dade County Public Works has installed some power transfer switches at traffic signals around the county.  Here are some pictures.  Click on the image to see if full size. 

This new device is attached, about 10' up a pole, near the traffic signal cabinet.  On the left is the rusty disconnect switch. The gray box on the right is the new device. 

Here are some close ups:


Large flap on the bottom may have the recessed male connector that goes to the generator.  Likely a 30 amp twist lock. 

The box/flap on the right side may be the switch to activate the transfer manually

The green light on the front may indicate FPL is on, the red that the generator is supplying power.


Where is it?   The signal cabinet is the gray box in the foreground.  The transfer switch is on the pole near the 15 MPH sign. I think there's a requirement that the disconnect switch (therefore the transfer switch) be within sight of the cabinet so someone working in the cabinet can see if someone is about to reenergize the line feeding the cabinet.



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