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Fast forward 5 years from when I wrote the original RT power page.  The Remote Terminal near my home in Miami Lakes now has a generator!  Click on the images to see it full size.

DSCN2438.JPG (370909 bytes) The new generator.  Notice the city gas connection at the left.  Up side, the gas won't run out.  Down side, if the natural gas distribution is effected by the disaster there is no back up fuel source.   Examples:  A large tree uprooted in the area would cause a gas leak that could effect pressure.
DSCN2439.JPG (423260 bytes) The new power distribution panel.  Is there an automatic transfer switch in there? Or just manual?  
DSCN2440.JPG (321414 bytes) A close-up of the 4 pin power connector on the right side of the image above.   This is where a temporary generator would be connected.   
DSCN2442.JPG (390696 bytes) The generator and power distribution.  The RTs, both above and below ground, are to the left of this.
DSCN2443.JPG (427078 bytes) A close up of the Power Company (FPL) meter. This mode shows the kWhours to date.  Another mode on the meter indicates that it's pulling 23.05 kW. 



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