Yago says:

Be part of the LARGEST Homecoming Reunion; with your Rathskeller Brothers and Sisters from 1972 to now; that the UM Alumni Office have ever seen!”

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The Official University of Miami Rathskeller Page with schedule and hours

Pictures from the Employee Last Call party at the Rat, 10/3/2008.  Everyone who had ever worked at the Rat was invited to recognize its passing.  Despite the loss of our favorite place on campus, all the wonderful memories made it a great party.  Click on the images to see them full size.   Sorry if some are as out of focus as the photographer was at the time.  




Pictures take around the University Rathskeller, Homecoming, 2006.   I was once the Sound and Light Engineer here.  Some shots of the behind the scenes things I used to work on.  Also some pictures of the members of Iron Arrow having a great time at Homecoming.  The University wants to tear down the Rat to build a new building.  Does it make sense to demolish a place where so many of us have great memories?