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If you're doing a project on an Exec II, you really will need to know which pin does what.   A manual is the best way, but in case you don't have one, these tables might help.

Here's the pin-out for J901, the best place to interface a controller.  You'll need a 12 pin connector (below):

Exec II SAS Board Purpose
J901-B 1 (near center) TX Audio Hi
J901-B 2 TX Audio Lo
J901 B 3 Ground
J901 B 4 Remote PTT
J901 B 5 + 10 Volts
J901 B 6 Delayed PTT
J901 B 7 Key (no pin)
J901    8 Key (gap between plugs)
J901 A 9 Volume Hi
J901 A 10 Volume Lo (Grn)
J901 A 11 CG Monitor
J901 A 12 (near edge) RUS (RX Un Squelched)

If you should want to use the screw type microphone connector to the right of J901, here's its pin-out.   If you use this as in input, you'll need to adjust R988 for level.  This pot is about 2" to the right of TB901-3.  Using J901 (above) gives a direct path to the TX Exciter and by-passes the microphone preamp stage.  This uses screw terminals so no connector is needed:

Exec II SAS Board Purpose
TB901-1 CG Monitor
TB901-2 Mic High
TB901-3 Mic Lo
TB901-4 Local PTT
TB901-5 Ground

If you should want to duplicate the front panel, here's the pinout for J912.    Remember, this is not needed for repeater duty if you install jumpers for F1 TX and RX.  See "Controls" above for how to do this. You'll need a 12 pin connector (below)

Exec II SAS Board Purpose
J912B-1 Speaker Hi
J912B-2 Speaker Lo
J912B-3 Volume Lo
J912B-4 Volume Arm
J912  -5 Key (gap between plugs)
J912A-6 Volume Hi
J912A-7 Transmit Light
J912A-8 Ground
J912A-9 Squelch Monitor
J912A-10 C.G. Monitor
J912A-11 A+
J912A-12 Key (no pin)

Another connector on the S-A-S board you might find a use for is J913, "PSLM"  You'll need a 4 pin connector (below)

Exec II SAS Board Purpose
J913-1 Vol. Hi "A"
J913-2 Vol. Hi "B"
J913-3 +10 V
J913-4 C.A.S.

In case you need to reconnect power, here's the pin-out for J914, the power connector.   For its location, look at the picture on the page above.  You'll need a 3 pin connector (below)

Exec II SAS Board Purpose
J914-1 (near edge) Ground
J914-2 No connection
J914-3 A+ (13.8 VDC)

I got a request for the pinouts for the Receiver and TX Exciter.  This should help those of you who aren't using the SAS board for your project. 

Transmitter Exciter Interface:

TX Exciter Exec II SAS Board Purpose
P902-1 next to channel element (ICOM) J902-1 Just above the power connector TX Osc. Control
P902-2 J902-2 F1 (Ground this pin)
P902-3 J902-3 Compensation (from/to RX board)
P902-4 J902-4 TX Audio Hi
P902-5 J902-5 TX Audio Lo
P902-6 J902-6 A-
P902-7 J902-7 C.G. Low
P902-8 J902-8 10 V Reg. in
P902-9 J902-9 C.G. Hi
P902-10 toward the board center J902-10 Center of SAS board Spare

And for the Receiver:

Receiver Exec II SAS Board Purpose
P903-1 near the corner of the board J903-1 near edge Vol/Sq. Hi (discrim audio)
P903-2 J903-2 Blkr. Disable
P903-3 J903-3 10 V Reg. in
P903-4 J903-4 F1 (Ground this pin)
P903-5 J903-5 Compensation (to/from TX)
P903-6 J903-6 A-
P903-7 near the test connector J903-7 near center RX Osc. Control

Channel Guard

CG cable Exec II SAS Board Purpose
P907-1 J907-1 near board center (goes to H1/H2, note 3) Tone Rej. Filter Input
P907-2 J907-2 10V Reg
P907-3 J907-3 (goes to H7/H8, note 3) TX CG Cont. (PTT)
P907-4 J907-4 A-
P907-5 J907-5 CG Low
P907-6 J907-6 CG Hi
P907-7 J907-7 (goes to H18 only) Tone Rej Filter Output
P907-8 J907-8 Vol Hi
P907-9 J907-9 CG Disable
P907-10 J907-10 PTT (Delayed)

Note 3: When 19D423644 Channel Guard is used, refer to alternate functions in parenthesis.  When Encode/Decode channel guard is used remove H1-H2, H3-H4, H7-H8 & H11-H12.  Add jumpers H6-H7, H1-H11 & H12-18.  When decode only channel guard is used remove jumpers H1-H2, H7-H8 & H11-H12; add jumpers H1-H11 & H12-H18. 

The CG cable runs to the CG board.  There are two versions.   If you have the CG board that uses the big red Tone Network it's not pin-to-pin...

P907 SAS P601 CG (round) Purpose
P907-1 P601-6 Tone Rej. Filter Input
P907-2 P601-2 10V Reg.
P907-3 P601-3 TX CG Cont. (PTT)
P907-4 P601-8 (Shield) A-
P907-5 P601-8 (Shield) CG Low
P907-6 P601-5 CG Hi
P907-7 P601-1 Tone Rej Filter Output
P907-8 P601-4 Vol Hi
P907-9 P601-7 CG Disable
P907-10 n/c PTT (Delayed)

If you have the newer CG board that uses the little white Versatone chip, it is more pin-to-pin:

P907 SAS P1001 CG Purpose
P907-1 P1001-1 Tone Rej. Filter Input
P907-2 P1001-2 10V Reg.
P907-3 P1001-3 TX CG Cont. (PTT)
P907-4 P1001-4 (Shield) A-
P907-5 P1001-5 (Shield) CG Low
P907-6 P1001-6 CG Hi
P907-7 P1001-7 Tone Rej Filter Output
P907-8 P1001-8 Vol Hi
P907-9 P1001-9 CG Disable
P907-10 P1001-10 PTT (Delayed)

New:    Connectors

You'll need to buy some connectors.  Lucky for us, instead of expensive proprietary connectors, GE used very common parts we can still get very cheaply.

Pins for connectors DigiKey Item WM2300
3 Pin Connector DigiKey Item WM2101
4 Pin Connector DigiKey Item WM2102
8 Pin Connector DigiKey Item WM2106
12 Pin Connector DigiKey Item WM2110

Do you need other pin-outs?   Let me know.

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