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This is a Radio Communications site ready for your company's wireless telecommunications needs or city view cameras.


Located in the northern end of the City of Miami

AMSL 300 feet

25  50.3 N

080  10.8 W

This places it only 4 miles North of Downtown Miami

Palm Bay Yacht Club Condo

780 NE 69 Street

Miami, FL  33138

To see where this is, click here for a map of Miami

To get an idea of what we have to offer check out these pictures of the site and the views of the city this site would give your company.

This is a very RF quiet building.  All emissions are tracked for intermod products.   All tenants are expected to use good engineering practice and take all reasonable steps to prevent intermod.   It is a very rare site indeed, so close to the city, yet so quiet.   You'll find you'll be able to cover areas well, without paying the high rents demanded by the site management   monopolies.   You will not be talked into another site, this is the only one I manage.   Please contact me to see if it will serve your needs.    Don't delay, occupancy will be limited to maintain signal quality.

A large diesel stand-by generator is available on-site.  If your application requires back-up power, we can arrange a feed from this power source.


For more information, please contact:

Ray J. Vaughan

Voice: 305-823-1441 Fax: 305-823-0715

P.O. Box 5227

Miami Lakes, FL 33014-1227

Except for portions owned by others, Copyright: Ray Vaughan, 2008