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MASTR Executive II and NHRC-2

This information is courtesy of Ray Vaughan, KD4BBM

Directions to connect the NHRC-2 Controller to a GE Mastr II base station.

Bill of Materials:
12 circuit terminal housing, .156 Digi-Key WM2110-ND
Pins for above Digi-Key WM2300-ND
8 conductor cable, 10" Any, shielded would be nice.


Omit the DB-9 connector on the controller. There's only a few inches between the controller and the jack you'll be using on the radio. Thanks to nice engineering on both the radio and the controller, the interfacing is easy. Just solder the wires into holes for the DB-9. I mounted the controller with two screws into the space in the bottom to the radio where the remote control board would be installed.  Be sure to use insulated spacers.  The remote board is not needed to make a repeater. If you know this radio, you'll notice that I'm powering the board with the radio's regulated 10 V supply instead of the 13.8 V mentioned in the controllers documentation. Since the incoming voltage is regulated to 5V, feeding it with only 10V is fine. The current draw of the controller is very low, so you don't have to worry about overloading this supply which would normally feed the remote board.

Use My color
GE Mastr II
Base, J901
1 Ground Black 3
2 13.8 Volts Red 5
3 PTT Violet 4
4 TX Audio Blue 1
5 RX Audio Orange 9
6 CAS+ White 12
7 CAS- Yellow 3
8 TX Audio Rtn Green 10
9 RX Audio Rtn Brown 10
n/c Shield 10

If you want to make your project look nice, consider getting a case for it.    I found a case that holds the board prefectly, the Bud PN-1324C.  It even has a clear cover to show off your work.  I found this one at the Mouser site: 563-PN-1324.   I think the -C adds the clear cover.

Thanks to the guys for their work on this controller. This project was fun to build and the engineering that went into it far exceeds the standard ham radio type of project. The web page support makes it an on-going development project. I can't wait for the next release.


Except for portions owned by others, Copyright: Ray Vaughan, 2008