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We found a Miami Dade County Resource to get pictures of old buildings.   An odd source, but historic pictures are interesting to look at.  These are .pdf files.   Click on the link to see the pictures.  If you want to see more about it, like the location or the application, enter the process number at this site:  


Bold indicates newer entries


bulletGas Station (1938 Process Number Z1938000003)
bulletGraceland Memorial Cemetery (1938 Process Number Z1938000002)


bulletSummerland Photo Service (1943 Process Number Z1943000003)
bullet 1940s homes West of Coral Gables (1946 Process Number Z1946000343)
bulletWhite House Trailer Park (1947 Process Number Z1947000128)
bulletHouse at Trail and 82 (1947 Process Number Z1947000138)
bulletTrail and Ludlum Warehouse (1947 Process Number Z1947000468)
bulletSouthern Bell Red Road CO (1948 Process Number Z1948000314)
bulletBird Road between 72 and Tropical Park (1948 Process Number Z1948000140)
bullet Miller and Galloway (1948 Process Number Z1948000001)
bullet Dumping area just west of Coral Gables (1949 Process Number Z1949000485)  Note the CG street names west of Red Road.   


bullet Dolly Madison (1950 Process Number Z1950000654)
bulletShorty's Bar, 6507 Bird Dr.  (1951 Process Number Z1951000324)
bulletFPL Power Plant (1951 Process Number Z1951000030)
bulletTrail Glades Gun Range (1952 Process Number Z1952000116)
bulletNational Airlines Signs (1955 Process Number Z1955000002)  Note Havana
bulletMIA Fuel Company (1956 Process Number Z1956001368)


bullet Ukule Bar, 109 & Biscayne (1960 Process Number Z1960000240)  Still there
bullet Pinecrest area homes (1960 Process Number Process Number Z1960000918)
bulletRail area, 70 Ave and 32 St (1960 Process Number Z1960000600)  Great B&W of Florida pine
bullet Old Mexico Bar (1960 Process Number Z1960000581)
bulletKwik Chek, Bird and Ludlum (1960 Process Number Z1960000036)
bullet Collins Ave 17240 Store (Process Number Z1960000891)
bullet Frederick's, Bird and Ludlum (1961 Process Number Z1960000935)
bulletBird Bowl (1963 Process Number Z1963000024)
bullet North Dade Electric (1963 Process Number Z1963000012)
bulletFPL Plant (1963 Process Number Z1963000513)
bulletTrail and 102 Ave (1963 Process Number Z1963000622)
bullet Grand Union Supermarket (1964 Process Number Z1964000147)
bulletBlue Bell Trailer Park (1965 Process Number Z1965000084)
bulletNew England Oyster House Perrine (1965 Process Number Z1965000427)
bullet Caribbean and US1 (1965 Process Number Z1956000627)
bulletFPL Substation (1966 Process Number Z1966000528)
bulletFPL Substation (1966 Process Number Z1966000306)
bulletCoral Gable Rock Pit NW 117 Ave & 25 St  (1967 Process Number Z1967000020)
bullet Sweden House (1968 Process Number Z1968000137) and many other US1 Restaurants!)
bulletPublic Gas (1969 Z1969000314)


bulletPublix Kendall & 87 Ave  (1970 Process Number Z1970000688)
bulletATT Krome Ave and 110 St tower site (1970 Process Number Z1970000601)
bulletEastern Airlines NW 36 St (1970 Process Number Z1970000578)
bulletBurger King HQ (1972 Process Number Z1972000719)
bulletATT Ojus POP (1972 Process Number Z1972000418)
bulletATT Krome Ave and 110 St tower site (1972 Process Number Z1972000115)
bullet Old Dade PBA Building (1972 Process Number Z1972000707)
bullet NM PBA Apartment Building NE 135 Av and 2nd (Process Number Z1972000758)
bulletFPL Substation (1973 Process Number Z1973000534)
bulletEastern Airlines System One (1974 Process Number Z1974000449)


bulletFPL Power Plant (1994 Process Number Z1994000179)

No pictures, but interesting reading

bulletAirport west of Coral Gables. (1944 Process Number Z1944000147)
bulletRed Road and Bird Road (1946 Process Number Z1946000142)
bullet"Hurricane Proof" WINZ Towers (1947 Process Number Z1947000330)
bullet Southern Bell Radio Tower, Perrine (Process Number Z1948000479)
bulletCoral Gables needs fill (1949 Process Number Z1949000196)
bullet Cutler Ridge Mall Proposed (Process Number Z1955000520)
bulletDade County Fire Station 5 (Process Number Z1956001095)
bulletATT Booster station near Barry U.  (Process Number Z1954000052)
bulletATT Warehouse (1973 Process Number Z1973000492)

Hints and clues...

BellSouth?  Look for Southern Bell before 1990.

Archdiocese of Miami?   Once was just a Diocese.  Before that, it was part of the DIOCESE OF ST. AUGUSTINE.

bulletSearch by Bishop's name
bullet1995 to Now: JOHN C FAVALORA
bullet1978 to 1995:  EDWARD MCCARTHY
bullet1959 to 1976: COLEMAN F. CARROLL
bulletBefore 1959: JOSEPH P. HURLEY
bulletOr just search for name "Bishop" to get them all and not much else.

Some old Miami Airport Pictures

History of Jackson Memorial Hospital

Found on an old map.

"Medley Speedway Auto Race Track"   NW corner of NW 74 St and 72 Ave.


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