First Union Tower
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Here are some shots from the tallest building in Downtown Miami.  

PDF Coverage map for WIMP-LP, Channel 25

Telco Demarc

Mvc-169f.jpg (54475 bytes)

TV Channel 25 Transmitter, 1 kW

Mvc-860f.jpg (56851 bytes)

WPLG ENG Receiver, rooftop camera control

Mvc-863f.jpg (53759 bytes)

I think an off-the-air ITFS or MMDS transmitter

Mvc-864f.jpg (43075 bytes)

A view down the isle in transmitter room 1.   Low ceilings due to duct work.

Mvc-867f.jpg (45850 bytes)

220 MHz Trunking system

Mvc-868f.jpg (52042 bytes)

The view from the door of Transmitter room 1

Mvc-870f.jpg (54316 bytes)

A government repeater

Mvc-871f.jpg (48255 bytes)

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