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Do you have instructions on how to convert a mobile to repeater duty?  Let me know and I'll add it here.

From what I understand, it's the same jumpers in the SAS board as on the base station.   But there's one other mod needed that keeps power up in the exciter all the time.   This was done to save current draw on a mobile installation.  To convert to repeater duty, you need the exciter and the receiver powered up all the time.   This might be enough information to do the mod yourself if you have a manual.   If anyone has more specific information, let me have it and I'll post it here.

The mobile and base station RF modules are interchangeable.    The SAS board is very similar, but different as explained above.   There is also a difference where the microphone connects.   

I strongly urge you to modify a base station.  There is much more room and it makes it much easier to work on and install.   The base station can even be mounted in a 19 inch rack.  I know they're harder to find, but it's worth the hunt.  Get any band base station, then change the modules from a mobile in your band. 

Can anyone identify this unit?  What does the box added to the top do?   

Here are some pictures of the mobile version as taken by some of the site visitors


Ray Vaughan, KD4BBM

01/14/2008 01:11:32 PM

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