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Now for some technical things that just didn't fit anywhere else.   

Schematics you might find helpful:

Repeater Maker Schematic

Making a repeater from two Motorola Maxtrac radios from Batlabs.com

Strobe wiring

If you're into strobes in your emergency vehicle, you know there are 3 conductor connectors that attach to the strobes and the strobe power supplies.   The common brands are Federal and Whelen.  Here are the part numbers if you want to get them cheap:

From DigiKey

Item AMP p/n DigiKey p/n Price
3 circuit pin housing 1-480305-0 A1400-ND 10 for $1.80
3 circuit socket housing 1-480303-0 A1429-ND 10 for $1.90
20-14 AWG socket 60619-1 A142 30 for $3.03
20-14 AWG pin 60620-1 A142 30 for $3.03.



If you ever program GE radios, this information might come in handy.

From "Duane" <duane@dheco.com>

KPC Portable. Attach cable after turning on radio.

LPE Portable. Turn on radio while pressing PTT and the other two buttons above PTT.

MDR Mobile, Dual Format. With power off selected on handset, connect programming cable. Radio will power up by itself in program mode.

The MDX is volume down for programming mode. If it's an EDACS MDX, make sure you start programming before you attach the cable or, even power up the radio. Programmer will prompt you on what to do when. Failure to follow Programmer's prompts may cause your MDX to loose it's flash code. 

Monogram 800 MHz Mobile. Press the sys button while turning on the radio.

Monogram EDACS Portable. Hold in the up arrow on the front as well as the top button on the side rail during power up. Hold until screen lights.

Monogram Conventional Mobile. Press the P "Priority" button while turning on the radio.

PCS Portable, Dual Format. Power up with Volume Up and Group Up buttons held.

After looking at LBI38898 (EDACS 2 Utility), I find I was wrong and the PCS does not automatically go into programming mode. This is from the manual.

"First place the PCS radio into PC programming mode. Simultaneously push one of the volume switches (UP or DOWN) along with one of the channel switches (UP or DOWN), turn on radio power, and then release the buttons. The radio will enter PC Programming mode with "PC Pro" flashing in the display."

The following radios automatically go into program mode. Delta S, Delta SX, FMD, Mastr IIe, MCS, MDS, MLS II, Monogram LTR Portable, MPA, MPD, MPI II, MRK, MTL, MVS, Orion, PCS, Rangr, and S825.

To connect a Palm computer to a Nextel phone, using the Motorola data cable for the PC, you'll need a Male DB-9 to Male DB-9 null modem cable.   

Here's the pinout

Phonetic Alphabet

Okay, for a little fun, here's the start to the world's worst Phonetic Alphabet:

A Aesop
C Cathy
E Eulogy, Eugene
G Gnat
H Hour
I Igor
J Julio
K Knot
M Mnemonic
O Opossum
P Pneumonia
Q Quaint
S Serial
T Tsunami
W Wagner (the composer...the W is pronounced like a V)
X Xylophone, Xenon

If you can think of any additions, please let me know.   The first written character should be silent, or pronounced in such a way as to prevent it from being understood correctly.   I'm not suggesting that this actually be used on the air, but it would be fun to confuse your best net control operator.   

I work on the PA Turnpike and one of the toll collectors called in a fair evasion one day and said "Q as in Cucumber". That's a classic.   C.R.Phillips CET


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