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I have no idea what's here, but here are some of my Netscape bookmarks.   I'm sure you'll find some of these as interesting as I have.   Have fun, but just remember where you go them!
Davis Instruments
Link Communications Inc.
Cisco 2500 Series Router Installation and Configuration Guide
440 MHz Repeaters (as of 15-Jan-97)
W Clark & Associates, Ltd.
Welcome to Cabletron Systems
Black Box On-Line Catalog
Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) Home Page
Welcome to RealMedia !
Microwave ENG Safety and Operations Guidelines 
WIOD 610 AM - Great Talk Radio From Miami
State Warning Point Home Page
Florida Association of Broadcasters
Teltone Call Progress Tone Receivers & Transmitters
Introduction to GPS Applications
AltaVista Search: Simple Query tripmate
Global Positioning System (GPS) Resources
Precision Mapping Streets 3.0
Digi-Key Corporation Home Page
NHRC-2 Repeater Controller
Discussion TOC
1. Memotec: Products, CX900 Frame Relay Access Device
UUNET Network Status
Glossary of Terms
FCC - WTB Land Mobile Branch Home Page
GIF image 900x650 pixels
REACT International
ARRLWeb: Part 97 - Amateur Radio Service
Trunked Radio Systems User's Page
Florida Repeater Council Home Page
RING!Trading Station - Ham Radio Worldwide Classifieds ...73! .. ] -- Ham Amateur Radio Electronics Classified Ads Towers Antennas Transceivers Receivers Keyers Test Equipment Selling For Sale Buy Sell -- HAM RADIO CLASSIFIEDS, HAM RADIO CLASSIFIEDS, HAM RADIO CLASSIFIEDS, HAM RADIO CLASSIFIEDS, HAM RADIO CLASSIFIEDS,
Ham Radio Online Magazine
Cable Telecommunications Vendors
Governor's Welcome Page - State of Florida
The Society of Broadcast Engineers
The QRZ Callsign Database
Peter Bennett's FTP directory
NOAA GOES-Tap Program
SkyWalker Home Page
Database Search
The SkyWalker Catalog
Angle Linear Home Page
Homer Simpson Sounds
Microprocessor Controlled Repeater Voting System Kit
Stormwise Lightning Sensor lightning sensor lightning detector
Boltek Lightning Detection
Cairo Manual, Index Page
Detailed FM Interference Study
Free Radio Berkley - Splash Page
USNO Master Clock Time
International Standard Date and Time Notation
Congressional ZIP Search
222 Mhz Radio Modifications
High Band GE MASTR II 222 Mhz Conversion
Conversion information for GE Mastr II radios
SouthEast Iowa Technical Society
Motherboards Direct (Motherboard chart)
Motherboards for processors with MMX technology
Proposed APRS/NWS Protocol
Plan Comparison
Batwing Laboratories, Motorola hacking central!
Harris Broadcast Product Showcase
KF4JFU's Homepage
DeLorme Trip Agent
Welcome To The Everglades D.C.A.T. Homepage
#Miami Undernet IRC Channel ---> [PICS]
ICQ - World's Largest Internet Online Communication Network
Wingate Lan to Internet Software - Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate Wingate WinGate WinGate WinGate
ScreenLife: YourLife - Addicted to the Web
Homepage of APRSa4
Best Power's Smart Site
Decibel Products Index by Product Number
How to build a Basic Stamp II Weather Station
Storm97 Hurricane Central - Your news source for hurricane and storm information.
Broadcast Net - The Broadcast Industry's Home Page
APRS: Live Data From Miami
PACE, Inc.--Products, Procedures, and Training for Electronic Rework and Repair!
mIRC : Homepage of the IRC Chat client mIRC
Agrelo Engineering On-Line
Windows NT security software tools for Administration and Network Security Management
Voltage Drop Calculator - Mike Holt 1-888 NEC CODE
Radio - Main Menu
S.H.A.R.K.K. Home Page
Emergency Alert System (EAS)
Hughes Communications Galaxy 7 - C-band, 52
LMC SatCom Sunoutages
Homepage of APRSa4
ADAPTEC Cable Solutions
ProHosting Free Web Hosting
Directory of /tapr/SIG/aprssig/files/dosstuff/APRSdos
Customer Support: Trimble TIPs
Shaun Waksman
FADCA Coordinated database
GMRS & FRS in Contra Costa County, CA
Family Radio Service
Please visit my sponsor before downloading NT Tools 1.5 or Zip & Jaz Tools 5.3 for Win95!
Amateur Repeater Builders Page
Portable Clinic W7RF Ham & Business Radio, New & Used
Digital Music Express
N2CZF's Florida APRS Home Page
Using the Peet Bros.
APRS--Kansas City/KPC-3 Configuration
Directory of /pub/hamradio/APRS/TIGER Maps
General Instrument SURFboard(tm) Cablemodem
Hamtronics Commercial & Amateur VHF & UHF Radio Equipment
OEM Home Page
WA4DSY 56KB RF Modem
Bill Review Main Page
An Amateur 900Mhz Spread-Spectrum Radio Design
National Weather Specific Area Message Decoder
Welcome to Netscape
Download Vocaltec Products
Directory of /pub/hamradio/mods
The Hub Home Page
KE4MCL Swap Shop
Yaesu HT - Radio-TNC Wiring Diagram
WA6YLB's home page
LOWBAND VHF, UHF 800/900 MHz Models & Pricing Information
Welcome to AES Online!
FADCA (Florida Amateur Digital Communication Association)
IBM MicroBolts
Amateur Repeater Builders Page
Products and Services Index
Autocode Home Page
Scientific-Atlanta Broadband Catalog
Welcome to Parallax, Inc.
Windows95 Software
WTB - Universal Licensing System
FCC Forms Available via Internet
BBC World Service Live Broadcast
FCC Access Charge Reform Homepage
FCC 97-158 First Report & Order on Access Charge Reform
How to Convert A MASTR II in to Repeater Service
InterNIC Registration Tool
The Code of Federal Regulations
A very questionable page indeed
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